Redcat Racing Lightning STK Electric Car, Red, 1/10 Scale

  • The Lightning STK is ready to light up the track right out of the box! This bold RC car comes complete with an electric brushed motor, forward/reverse transmission, four wheel drive, and a two channel 2.4GHz radio. This electrifying vehicle is fully equipped with on-road racing tires, a vivid scale racing polycarbonate body, aluminum capped oil filled shocks, battery and charger. Just add 8 AA batteries to the remote and you will be racing in no time!

    Qualify for the big race with the Lightning STK on road stock car.

    Mounted on the Lightning STK’s lightweight plastic chassis is a 19T 550 brushed motor and forward/reverse ESC.

    Forward and reverse allow the Lightning STK to back out of pile ups in turn four and blast to the finish with blistering top speeds. A 2.4GHz radio system provides reliable control for weaving in and out of lap traffic.

    Aluminum capped oil filled shocks and adjustable independent suspension, similar to that found on real race cars, provide tunable dampening needed to achieve race winning traction. Each of the realistic race tires spit asphalt thanks to the Lightning STK’s shaft driven 4WD.

    Ready to run, the Lightning STK comes complete with rechargeable battery pack and charger.

    Drive the Lightning STK race ready 4WD stock car and FEEL the thunder!



  • Specs:

    Motor Type Electric Brushed 19T 550
    Transmission Forward and Reverse
    Drive System 4 Wheel Drive
    Length 360mm
    Width 200mm
    Height 112mm
    Wheelbase 260mm F/R
    Ground Clearance: 4.5mm
    Chassis Type Plastic
    Shocks Aluminum Capped Oil Filled
    Speed Control Brushed ESC
    Battery 7.2v 1800mAh NiMh & Charger Included
    Radio System 2.4GHz Radio System
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