UberScoot TRX Personal Transporter 36v

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    The TRX is a three wheel electric scooter that you can ride while standing, this makes it very convenient for use at events, security and warehouse floor operations or for just plain fun! It's like a three wheel Segway but at a fraction of the price and weight.

    It has two 150 watts belt drive electric motors and can travel at a max speed of 12 miles per hour. It can achieve a 15 mile range and/or one hour on a full charge. The TRX Scooter features a 16" front air inflated tire with an innertube, two 8" rear puncture proof tires, and a 125mm Urethane rear wheel for additional stability. The TRX personal transporter scooter is easy-to-operate from a thumb controlled throttle and left handle brake system.

    Powered by a Rechargeable 36 Volt 7 AH 3-Battery Pack (Free Charger Included). The TRX Scooter features a tight turning radius & large standing platform. The 36 volts battery system can be re-charged 300 times, that means depending on usage, it will be years before replacing the batteries.

  • Motor: 24 Volt 350 Watt
    Battery: TWO 12v 12ah (24v 24ah total)
    Top Speed: 8 MPH
    Recommended Age: 5-8 years old
    Max Rider Weight: 100 lbs
    Frame: Steel
    Tires: 4.10-6 Knobby Pneumatic (13 inch)
    Brakes: 2 disc front, 1 disc rear (with parking brake)
    Suspension: 2 independent front shocks, 1 rear shock
    Throttle: Variable twist-grip (half twist for safety)
    Headlight: Yes (rear reflector)
    Seat: Padded (single rider)
    Handlebars: Adjustable
    Battery Meter: Yes
    Key: Yes
    Charging Time: 4-6 hours
    Charger Included: Yes
    Assembly Required: Yes
    ATV Size: 43x23x30 inches
    ATV Weight: 101 lbs
    Box Size: 43x23x24 inches
    Box Weight: 114 lbs
    Product decoration and specifications subject to change without notice.
    Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

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